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On Our Own: Episode 1 (redo)

In lieu of a premise song (“here’s a story, of three girls named after plants . . .”), I’ve created a premise episode for On Our Own (used to be called Overhead). Done, naturally, in just hands. Well, actually, in hands plus some clothes, because I realized you couldn’t tell them apart with just their […]

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In the Pictures: Start of Summer (Redo)

These last two weeks I’ve been working on finishing up the first episode of In the Pictures – where the two sisters discover that one does not simply put a movie away, because it has a way of coming back. I’ve left the first part of the story the same, and added a bit on […]

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Welcome to Small Life Stories

Welcome to Small Life Stories, where neither the lives nor the stories are small. Choose a story and dive in, or follow along on the blog, where I describe what happens behind the curtains. This week, we’re back in France with the story of Cosette, Mathilde, and their dog Winston, who, in searching for some […]

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